In addition to the powerboats described on these pages, Fairey produced thousands of sailing dinghies, the Atalanta, Titania, Fulmar and Fisherman sailing cruisers and other small boats including the Cinderella runabout, the Faun, Kingfisher and River Cruiser for inland waters, the Duckling and Dinky tenders and the Pixie, in two sections that clipped together.

The Cinderella 

The 15 foot Cinderella was powered by an outboard motor of up to 40hp, and was a hot moulded runabout in competition with the aluminium Albatross Continental. The Carefree version with an inboard Fairey Drive did not go into production.

The Fairey Faun

This family launch was based on the hull of the Falcon Daysailer, and was suitable for rivers, lakes and sheltered waters. Fauns were generally powered by a small outboard motor, although some were fitted with inboard engines, and at least one example appeared to be driven by steam! 

The Hunt 18

A dozen of these Ray Hunt designed; outdrive powered small seagoing cruisers were Fairey’s first glass fibre boats, introduced in about 1965.  They resembled a small Bertram 25 

Fisherman 27 motor sailer

The Fisherman 27 motor sailer dates from 1962. Designed by Alan Burnard, it was inspired by his father’s Girl Pat boats and was based on Fairey’s hot moulded ships’ lifeboat hull. There is comfortable accommodation for four, and at least 90 Fishermen were built, most of them with the sloop rig.

However they also built many practical commercial and patrol boats, including the Bulldog harbour launch, the military Dagger 37 & 40, Sword 45, Lance 48 and Tracker 63, pilot and lifeboats, and the aluminium Combat Support Boats principally for the US Marines.