Christina 23

Bruce Campbell used the Fairey 23 foot deep-V hull to build nineteen Christina 23s between 1958 and 1960. These were sold in direct competition with Fairey’s Huntress using an identical hull. Bruce then changed to a similar, but slightly larger Ray Hunt hull, built elsewhere, for his Christina 25.

Dell Quay Ranger 27

Dell Quay bought 86 of Fairey’s Huntress hulls, finished as 25 and 27 foot Rangers powered by twin Volvo outdrives. These boats had flat transoms fitted to the longer shells, and mostly had two cabins with heads and galley in the centre cockpit.

Swordfish 36

In 1989 Alan Burnard designed the very elegant Swordfish 36 for airline pilot David Skellon who put it into limited production as an updated and upmarket successor to the Fairey Swordsman 33. It had a luxurious interior designed by Ken Freivokh.

Swordsman 37 and 40

Another attempt at updating the Fairey Swordsman was in 2000 by Swordsman Marine, who used the Alan Burnard designed Fairey Dagger patrol boat hull as a basis for the Swordsman 37, and later the 40 foot version with longer cockpit.

Solent Spear 34

A further attempt at continuing the Fairey tradition was in 2005, when Alan Burnard designed an all new 34 foot hull for the Solent Spear, built at Hamble Point by Casse Tête as a successor to the Fairey Spearfish. It was powered by twin diesels on shafts.

Swordsman 30

Following on from the Swordsman 40, Swordsman Marine launched a new boat using the Fairey Spearfish hull, known as the Swordsman 30. The boats had a new deck moulding and were powered by a single diesel driving a waterjet. The boats had an updated ingenious interior which sleeps four.

Spearfish 32

An original Spearfish hull mould is the basis of this Spearfish 32 built to 2021 standards and expectations. Powered by twin outdrives with a deep, secure cockpit and longer cabin than the Fairey original giving better heads and galley, aided by a wet bar and dining in the cockpit, with sunbeds and bathing platform right aft.