The primary object of the Fairey Owners Club, which was formed in 1986, is to preserve and enjoy the marque of Fairey Marine Ltd with particular emphasis on the powerboats which were built between 1959 and 1975, However, the Club welcomes everyone interested both in the Fairey marque and other power boats, including owners of Fairey’s contemporary rivals and the later descendants of the boats – and you do not need to own a boat to join the FOC.  

The Club brings enthusiasts together. both technically and socially, in mutual support with the ambition to preserve and use these classic boats.  Activities include rallies, concours, visits, suppers and most importantly an information exchange of advice and experience, an on-line forum and a substantial journal twice a year.  The Club encourages maintenance and authentic restoration of the boats, both the original hot moulded wooden and later glass fibre ones, whilst keeping them in regular use in the original spirit of “Family cruisers that happened to do rather well in racing.”


The FOC is very welcoming of new members and not exclusive to just Fairey boat owners. We also welcome owners of similar craft, model makers and other enthusiasts.

Whilst most of our members are based in the south of England, there are members and boats scattered throughout the world.

Subscriptions are £30.00 per year.

Click the link below and send your Name, email address, phone number and we will send you all the necessary forms.

Membership is currently more than 300 and is growing steadily. Although a large percentage of members are based on the South Coast of Britain, there are many in other parts of the UK, including Northern Ireland, and we also have members in Holland, Corfu, Norway and the Maldives.

If you have any questions or wish to contact the Membership Administrator, please email faireyowners25@gmail.com.

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