The film company making the second James Bond film asked for half a dozen motorboats to be sent to the Adriatic as no suitable boats could be found locally.  Instead, in July 1963 a flotilla of Fairey motorboats was assembled on the west coast of Scotland for the filming of From Russia with Love, released at the end of 1963. 

Bond’s white painted Huntress was hull number 32 powered by an Interceptor V8 petrol engine, which appeared a few weeks later in the 1963 Cowes-Torquay race driven by Charles Currey, race No 28.  On location, the rear of the cockpit had been filled with a row of ‘reserve’ 50 gallon fuel drums.  The black painted ‘baddies’ boats were led by Huntsman 28 hull 34, Here and Now, driven by Peter Twiss.  Other boats included Cockatoo, Huntress hull number 48 with a 140hp Mermaid diesel; and hull 61 Gay Dolphin, powered by a Perkins S6M diesel; and there was another Huntsman (hull 12 Huntsman), which was used as the camera boat.  

The concluding fire scene used mock ups set ablaze whilst floating in the tank at Pinewood Studios.  This film was a brilliant piece of PR for Fairey, who were handsomely paid for the hire of the boats.  In all it took seven weeks to organise and shoot a sequence of less than five minutes but Peter Twiss said they all had a wonderful time!